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Shave Bar | Natural Soap | Shea Butter Moisturizing Bar

Shave Bar | Natural Soap | Shea Butter Moisturizing Bar

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A moisturizing shave bar that provides a soothing, creamy lather. You'll never want to go back to shaving cream in a can! ✨ The bar is infused with Yellow French Clay which gently tones and cleanses the skin, opening pores for a deep clean. Shea butter is rich in Vitamin E and other natural active elements. It is a perfect natural moisturizing agent for the skin. It penetrates deep and leaves a smooth, satiny finish. 💐 Labels are made from seed paper, plant them and watch them grow wildflowers!!  🤚🏼 Handmade with love in Winnipeg, Canada. How to use: Simply wet the bar and the shave area. Give the bar a couple of passes over the skin and with your hand, massage the area to create a rich lather.

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